Joe and Sharon Goodman

Joe & Sharon Goodman

New Tribes Mission - Sanford, Florida, USA

Joe and Sharon Goodman, along with their four children, served in the country of Panama among the Kuna Indians where they translated the New Testament and Bible lessons into the Kuna language.

Shortly after the distribution of the New Testament, the Goodmans, along with other missionaries in Panama’s Darien Province, were forced to evacuate their mission stations due to the increased threat of guerrilla insurgents.

The Goodmans returned to the US in 2003 and began a new ministry with New Tribes Mission. They are now serving at the NTM USA Home Office in Sanford, FL where Joe is Director Member Care and Sharon is his Executive Assistant.

Regina Sullivan

Regina Rodman

New Tribes Mission - Sanford, Florida, USA

Regina Rodman has served in the New Tribes Mission communications department in Sanford, Florida since 2008, keeping her hands busy with video editing and production, radio programs and websites. The stories told by these mediums inspire Christians to help transform the lives of more than 2,500 people groups throughout the world who would otherwise have no access to the Gospel.

Videos are used by missionaries, representatives and mission leaders, and are available at and on Facebook. Many videos are translated into languages such as Spanish and Norwegian for New Tribes’ international partners. Videos may feature an area of NTM such as the Wayumi retreat or Aviation ministry, or they may take viewers deep into the jungle to witness how a person’s life can be transformed by the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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Will & Phyllis Hunsucker

Agape for Orphans - Kherson, Ukraine

Serving with Agape in Kherson, Ukraine, Will and Phyllis Hunsucker minister to children in orphanages as well as perform office tasks for Agape. Before serving in the Ukraine, Will and Phyllis ministered in Russia.

Will is from North Carolina  and Phyllis grew up in Circle Community Church. They have four children: Jaan, Raia, Asya and Bogdan.

Jan Harris

Jan Harris

New Tribes Mission - Sanford, Florida, USA

Jan Harris has served with New Tribes Mission for almost 35 years. She and her husband initially taught in the school for missionary children in Papua New Guinea for seven years. They returned to the United States due to the health of Mr. Harris, and after his passing in 1987, Jan taught at a Christian school in California before returning to NTM to teach in Colombia. Later assignments included teaching at Lake Monroe Christian Academy (NTM Sanford School) and in Brazil.

For the past several years, Jan has been writing Bible curriculum for NTM, using the Firm Foundations Bible material that NTM teaches in the tribes. She has finished adapting the curriculum for 5th and 6th grades, and is currently working on lessons for 7th grade. This interactive and teacher friendly curriculum is suitable for Christian school or home school students.

Jan lives in Sanford, Florida and has been a member of Circle Community Church since 1998.

The Mankins

Chad & Janeene Mankins

New Tribes Mission - Papua New Guinea

Chad and Janeene grew up as the children of missionaries in Central and South America and both trusted Christ for their salvation as young children. They currently serve with New Tribes Mission and have been working among a remote people group, the Tobo, in Papua New Guinea since 2002.

In 2007, an indigenous New Testament church was born after the Mankins and their coworkers taught evangelistic Bible lessons over a three-month period in the local language for the very first time. Their mission is to translate the Scriptures into the local language, to teach literacy, to disciple and to equip local believers to continue the ministry into other area villages.

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Jerry & Cathy Hertzler

Jerry & Cathy Hertzler

Cru - Orlando, Florida, USA

Jerry and Cathy produce Biblical training materials available on mobile phones for pastors in areas where the Church is growing faster than it can train new leaders. Now in 13 different African countries and in two languages (more to be published soon!), pastors are able to affordably and efficiently get the training they need for their spiritual leadership.

Jerry and Cathy currently reside in Orlando, Florida with their two children, Audrey and Andrew. To learn more about their mission or to help the Hertzlers reach people with the gospel, build them in their faith, and send them to reach others, visit their website at