We are so glad that you have taken time out of your busy life to worship with us today. While we worship here, many of our women are enjoying a retreat at Word of Life Camp and Conference Center. Together we all want to glorify the Lord.

Today we will consider how everybody influences somebody.

Remember the classic Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life? George Bailey in a moment of despair wishes that he had never been born. An angel decides to show him what life would be like if George had never been born. When faced with the scenes of his life without him in it, he realizes that he had influenced many people and changed the world in positive ways even as an average man in a small town.

The movie resonates with us so much because we all wonder at times if what we do makes a difference. The movie’s strong theme is that every person makes a difference and influences many others. Through a ripple effect, we literally influence people all over the world.

Someone is always watching you – your child, spouse, sibling, a friend, or a stranger passing by. Through our words and actions, we influence others for good or ill.

So how can we intentionally influence others for good? By carefully considering our character. Today we are going to consider seven ways to intentionally shape our character so that our influence on all those around us will be better every day.

Pastor Stan
Interim Pastor