Thank you for coming to worship with us today! We are so glad you are here. As the weather gets warmer, we are starting to see the signs of spring – buds on trees, tulips and daffodils around us. We are seeing new growth.

Have you ever considered a season of new growth in your spiritual life? Most of us recognize that we have room to grow and improve spiritually. We don’t want to “grow old” spiritually, rather we want to “grow up.” Today we are going to consider how to “grow up” spiritually.

We will define spiritual maturity, and then we will debunk the following eight myths:

  1. God is Only Interested in Me Becoming a Christian
  2. Anyone Can Become Spiritually Mature
  3. Once I Become a Christian, I Will Automatically Grow Spiritually
  4. If I Find the Right “Key,” I can Be Spiritually Mature Instantly
  5. Only a Few People Ever Reach Full Maturity
  6. Spiritual Growth Depends Only on Me
  7. What I Know Measures How Spiritually Mature I Am;
  8. Spiritual Maturity Is Only About Me.

Pastor Stan
Interim Pastor