When people meet with God, they change.

Today we will turn our attention to Moses, one of God’s greatest leaders. He spent the first 40 years of his life as a prince of Egypt. The next 40 years he lived in the wilderness and tended sheep. Then God appeared to Moses in a bush that was burning but not consumed directing Moses to go back to Egypt and lead the children of Israel out of slavery. The next 40 years he leads the people in the wilderness.

Perhaps you have never considered the personal and intimate relationship that Moses had with God.  The Bible records for us that Moses had an intimate relationship with God where he talked to God “as one would speak to a friend.”

What about us? Do we spend time in prayer?  Do we talk to God as we would to a friend?

The Bible further tells that as a result of his time with God, Moses’ face shown. He was reflecting the glory of God to the Children of Israel.

What at us? After meeting with God, do we reflect the glory of God to the people around us? If not, let’s set a goal and make a plan to change in this way. Let’s grow ever-closer to our Lord through prayer.

Pastor Stan
Interim Pastor