Today, December 31, 2017, as we finish the year, it seemed appropriate for us to consider the subject of “finishing well.”

The phrase “finishing well” means different things to different people. For some, finishing well means ending life with a long, cushy retirement. For those who believe “he who dies with the most toys wins,” finishing well means having lots of stuff. For still others, it means ending with a pain-free death.

When we use the phrase “finishing well,” we mean following Christ to the very end of our lives, finishing his assignments for us and hearing his “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Here are six observations from those who finish well.

  1. Those who finish well have a Christ-centered life.
  2. Those who finish well have a focused life.
  3. Those who finish well have disciplined lives.
  4. Those who finish well have a teachable spirit.
  5. Those who finish well have a well-networked life.
  6. Those who finish well have a life-long perspective.

Today as we consider this vitally important subject, let’s recognize if we need to make some course corrections so that we will fulfill all that God has for us.

Pastor Stan
Interim Pastor

From “How to Finish the Christian Life” by Donald W. Sweeting & George Sweeting (Moody Publishers, 2012) appeared in the NAE Insight.