Dearest Faith-Family and Friends,

As we prepare for one of my favorite times of year, Thanksgiving, I can’t help but remember the One for whom we are most thankful.  Wouldn’t you agree that all good gifts come from above and in Christ we have everything?

While we take a few moments (that really should be much longer) and reflect on Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord, let us remember what we know of Him is found in God’s infallible and inerrant Word.  How blessed we are to have it preserved for us to read, study, know, memorize, apply, preach, teach, and defend.  Now that’s a long list!

However, there are many people, including Christians who have little or no idea how we got the mind and heart of God on paper.  It is for this reason we will begin a new 3-part sermon series called, God’s Mind on Paper! Our dear friend, Bible teacher, and founder of Accordance Bible Software, Roy Brown will team with me to present this special series beginning Sunday, November 26.

This series is designed with you, your family, and your friends in mind to learn how we got our Bible.  So please, spread the word and begin inviting others to be with us for this very informative series – God’s Mind on Paper!

For His glory alone,

Pastor Stan