Dearest Faith Family,

We are beginning a new series today called, God’s Mind on Money – Getting It, Guarding It, and Giving It!

As a Bible expositor, I am deeply committed to teaching God’s Word verse-by-verse and in explaining verses in context that speak directly on certain subjects.  Money or finances is one.  During our study, it is my desire we will learn more about who God is and how He wants us to live for His glory, than just what money is all about.

Money seems to be our life.  One commentator wrote… in God we trust, but in debt we live!

We spend our life acquiring money.

We spend our money “acquiring” life to enjoy.

We spend our health to get our wealth and then…

We spend our wealth to get our health back!

The use and misuse of money reveals our personal value system.

It seems people spend more time arguing over money than anything else.  One statistic I read said that the first marriages often end because of money conflicts, and second marriages usually end because of conflicts about the kids (yours, mine, and ours).

Our series will be more thorough because the Bible has a lot to say about it.  I encourage you to use the series to help you develop a deeper appreciation for the Lord, how He cares for us, and how we use the resources He gives us!

In His Service,

Pastor Stan


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