Dearest Faith Family and Friends,

The past 10 days have given us an opportunity to experience the Lord in new ways. Two responses should be first prayer — drawing of ourselves closer to the Lord for help in a time of need. Then praise — for even in the midst of our trials He is: all-knowing and knows what is best for us, always present and faithful to take care of us, and in control of everything we can’t control. So let us stay strong in Him!

As we look around us, there are people who struggle with doubts about God, declining health, having more month at the end of their money, broken relationships, uncertainty about the future…and then all that is going on in the world.   

The Lord doesn’t leave us without a perspective to give us hope, peace, and even joy during our challenges. So, what is the right way to look at ourselves and what we are going through? How can we come along side others who are going through life’s challenges?

Today we conclude a two-part series called, Looking At Myself Through The Eyes of God from Psalm 139. It will remind us of who He is and what that means to who we are. May we gain a deeper perspective to help us in our times of difficulties.*

Lastly, I urge you to remember in prayer those reeling from the effects of Hurricane Irma. As they experience so many struggles, ask yourself how can I demonstrate my love for Christ through loving my neighbors?

In His Service,

Pastor Stan


*Sermon Copies Available 

If you would like a CD copy of the series Looking at Yourself Through the Eyes of God, please let us know by calling the church office at (407) 660-3000 or emailing: