Some of you are ready for a change and some of you loved your groups, but ready or not, it’s here: It’s time for the next session of Circle Dinner Groups starting in June and running through the end of September.

For those unfamiliar with Circle Dinner Groups, it’s an opportunity to get to know the Circle family by having meals together. A group consists of about four couples and two singles. Each family unit picks a date to open their home to their group either by providing a meal or arranging for members to bring a dish to pass. Your responsibility is minimal. Just one meal per quarter, that’s all!

Circle Dinner Groups are custom tailored to fit you. Breakfast, lunch or dinner- it’s your choice. Just put a notation on the sign-up sheet if you have restrictions or preferences (e.g. pet allergies, gluten intolerance, time constraints, etc.). And you are not limited to your home. Why not a picnic at a local park or meet in a restaurant? It’s a great way to get know the people you worship with a little better!

Duration: June through September

Sign-up dates are May 25 and June 1 in the church foyer.